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Country Shape Quiz: Guess Countries from their Geographical Shapes

The Country Shape Quiz is an educational geography game, where you are supposed to enter the name of the displayed country shape in the text field on top.

To avoid errors due to naming variations or misspellings, you get a list of suggestions when you start typing. You can then select a country name from the suggestions and hit enter, to see whether you got it right or wrong.

To skip a country, click on the next button. To show the solution, click on the red light bulb button. You can set the difficulty level in the corresponding drop down menu. Your score, the number of tries and countries that have been displayed so far are shown below the country image.

For several countries such as France, Spain or the United States only the main landmass is displayed. This is not meant to discriminate on overseas departments like French Guiana, island groups like the Canaries or Hawaii or separate areas like Alaska.

Countries are not displayed to scale their actual area, i. e. smaller countries appear larger and larger countries smaller so the available screen area is filled out optimally.

The default difficulty is set to medium, which corresponds to the 80 largest countries in the dataset, easy corresponds to 30 countries, hard to 150 and very hard to 240 respectively. Some countries are omitted, for details see the source of the country images below.


The country names and areas come from the GeoNames project founded by Marc Wick and maintained by a team of contributors. Most of the map images come from the mapsicon project by Régis Freyd.

I changed the maps of Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Malaysia, Rwanda, Sudan and South Africa, because of issues pointed out on reddit by /u/dragfyre and /u/forteshinko, thank you!

Published: March 05, 2016 by Ramiro Gómez.
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