Data Mining and Data Visualization Services

I'm a software developer from Berlin specializing in data retrieval, analysis and visualization using Python (BeautifulSoup, IPython, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scrapy), JavaScript (jQuery, D3.js, Sigma.js), PostgreSQL and Redis.

I gathered extensive experience in server and client side programming, developing Web applications and publishing content for over a decade. Get in touch, if you want to work with me.

Featured Data Visualizations and Tools

Hacker News Linked Books

Top Books on Amazon Based on Unique Users Linking them in Hacker News Comments

A visualization that shows the top 29 books on Amazon based on the count of unique users linking them in over 8 million Hacker News comments posted from 2006 to 2015.

Technologies: BigQuery, BeautifulSoup, D3.js

Best Reddit Post Times

Reddit Popular Post Times Explorer

Explore hundreds of subreddits to see when posts went viral on reddit broken down by hour and weekday based on more than 215 million submissions.

Technologies: BigQuery, Pandas, D3.js

Best Selling Laptops

Best Selling Laptops

A data visualization showing the top 100 best selling laptops from Amazon US in a scatterplot and a series of bar charts back to September 2014.

Technologies: BeautifulSoup, D3.js, NVD3

Shirt Color Helper

Shirt Color Helper for Redbubble and Zazzle

A tool to help artists who sell products on Redbubble and Zazzle make good choices, by letting them pick colors and previewing the contrast on the available fabric colors.

Technologies: JavaScript, Bootstrap Colorpicker

Football Transfer Records

Football Transfer Records

This visualization shows the money flow between teams for the 50 most expensive transfers in football history.

Technologies: BeautifulSoup, D3.js

Programming Languages

Programming Languages Influence Network Graph

An interactive network graph showing the connections of programming languages based on their influences relations.

Technologies: Freebase, Sigma.js, Gephi



A free service for accessing statistical information about programmers who have released code on GitHub, including rankings based on programming languages and repository forks and favorites.

Technologies: GitHub API, Django, jQuery, D3.js

Country Shape Quiz

Country Shape Quiz

An online JavaScript game where you are supposed to name countries presented by their geographical shapes. The topojson map data is rendered using the natural earth geo projection.

Technologies: GDAL, topojson, D3.js



A music video player that continuously plays songs submitted to Reddit from different rock genres like punk, grunge, garage punk, rock'n'roll, rockabilly, psychobilly and many others.

Technologies: Reddit API, YoutTube API, Flask, jQuery

Professional Services

  • Data retrieval via Web services and custom scrapers
  • Data cleaning, munging, and analysis
  • Interactive and static data visualizations

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